the Blue Scorpion Farm Tour

Our Blue Scorpion Farm Tour will showcase how MRVL extracts this rare peptide from the world’s most expensive liquid.  This revolutionary new peptide is the foundation of the MRVL product line for both health and beauty. See Scorpion City, our nursery, Scorpion Spa and other amenities available to our more than 120,000 blue scorpions.

During this memorable 30-minute journey, you’ll be able to witness firsthand how MRVL’s luxurious blue scorpion peptide is extracted and see how the scorpions are cared for and flourish in Scorpion City.

About the Blue Scorpion Farm Tour

Take an exclusive tour and witness how the blue scorpion peptide is being extracted from more than 120,000 blue scorpions at the MRVL “Scorpion City.”

Our state-of-the-art laboratory securely houses our scorpions in custom-built “apartments” that ensure they are never able to exit the building. Scorpion City has exclusive scorpion neighborhoods where they maintain healthy, active lives.




Rick Langley is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, also known as @Scorpion Rick.

He is the founder of the world’s largest Blue Scorpion farm and state of the art laboratory. Rick founded the MRVL Group of companies, which uses a ground-breaking proprietary ingredient, Blue Scorpion Peptide, in all of its products.
MRVL is a brand that is focused on helping you create a lifestyle that focuses on the mind, body & spirit. A healthier new you utilizing one of the world’s oldest sciences, now advanced with modern science and reintroduced by MRVL and its revolutionary new skincare and health line.

Rick adopted a business philosophy of social responsibility & is the founder of Today’s Promises, a non-profit charity that aids impoverished children in the Caribbean. Please visit our web site at to learn how you can help!