About The Blue Scorpion Farm Tour

Take an exclusive tour and witness how the blue scorpion peptide is being extracted from more than 120,000 blue scorpions at the MRVL “Scorpion City.”

Our state-of-the-art laboratory securely houses our scorpions in custom-built “apartments” that ensure they are never able to exit the building. Scorpion City has exclusive scorpion neighborhoods where they maintain healthy, active lives. Each neighborhood addresses different parts of the scorpion’s life cycle, from birth to working adults. The scorpions in the city and lab are not “normal” scorpions like the ones found in your back yard. This is a rare species only native to the Carribean Islands.  Please don’t go home and try to mimic our operations. It is not safe or advised. Only certain scorpions produce this rare peptide that is the foundation of the MRVL product line. You will be introduced to the fascinating history behind the Caribbean Blue Scorpion and why they have been recognized through millennia, as well as how they mate, breed and give birth to scorplings.

What to anticipate on your MRVL tour:

To begin the tour you will be outfitted in our MRVL tour gear. The protective, lightweight jumpsuit labeled ” I got stung in Turks” is yours to take home.  In the dressing area we have a short video showcasing the history of MRVL and our product lines, Orphanage and other interesting facts that will help you to better appreciate the tour and experience you are about to encounter.  The First stop is our Nursery.  Yes, a real nursery with thousands of little scorplings. Scorpions birth 1-100 babies annually and you will learn about the babies and how we help to assure they make it to adulthood.  Second stop is the feeding area. You will either find this extremely fascinating or you may want to skip it!  This is where we breed our spiders, crickets and roaches to provide a stable source of protein and nutrition for our scorpion family. Third stop is Scorpion City.  This development will remind you of the high rises in New York City.  The scorpions live in lavish habitats where they greet their caretakers and visitors daily. The Fourth stop in our Scorpion Spa.  This is where the scorpions are pampered and prepared for the milking process. Massages, foot scrubs and all the whistles and bells to prepare them for their milking! The Fifth stop, and the climax of the tour, is to watch our scorpion wranglers milk the scorpions. This painless, quick process extracts the priceless venom from which we garnish our healing peptides.  To end the journey, you return to our registration room where you are greeted with a glass of champagne or alternative cold drink and gather your personal belongings.  You will certainly want to take a personal or family photo with our Blue Scorpion sculpture and crafty logo ” I got stung in Turks.”  These photos make great souvenirs and fun conversation pieces.