Blue Scorpion City Tour

Our Blue Scorpion City Tour

Our Blue Scorpion City Tour will take you through the entire process of how MRVL produces the most expensive liquid in the world. During this memorable journey you will be able to witness first hand how MRVL obtains the luxurious blue scorpion venom the contains the peptides that are infused by our proprietary processes in our decadent skincare solutions. .

Scorpion City houses over 80,000 Blue Scorpions that are housed, breed, nursed and live a lavish life working on day a month!

About the Blue Scorpion City Tour

Your tour includes a visit to our one-of-a-kind Scorpion City and laboratory. Sourced directly from the Caribbean, these unique creatures are unlike the scorpions you see in your backyard. Our blue scorpions are the only species that produce the liquid gold that serves as the luxurious ingredient in our Lux Skin Care line. A single gallon of blue s scorpions’ venom is worth a minimum of $39Million, however there is not market for the venom outside of research and science – until now.

MRVL’s Scorpion City and laboratory is the one scene in the world that has commercials blue scorpion venom to address two of mankind’s greater worries :health and beauty. Your tour will showcase from how we keep our scorpions secure in their “nursery” habitat to our exclusive process of encouraging their maturations and growth. This process maximizes their venom production which is our goal. The process is done without harming the scorpions, in fact they are cared for as with the best XXXXX . At the end of your tour you will be able to say “I witnessed liquid gold being made right before my eyes”.

What your tour includes

With your purchase you will receive an informative 30-minute tour in our Scorpion City. You will gear up in your personal hazmat suit from head to toe and lead by our expert Scorpion City Tour Guide. You will be emersed in our nursey, see babies with their mothers, witness feeding time and finally see the milking process of the most expensive liquid in the world. With your purchase you will receive a MRVL logo gym bag and our MRVL keychain. Be sure to stop in our Boutique to buy your own piece of MRVL “I got stung in Turks” logo merchandise.





Rick Langley is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, also known as @Scorpion Rick.

He is the founder of the world’s largest Blue Scorpion farm and state of the art laboratory. Rick founded the MRVL Group of companies, which uses a ground-breaking proprietary ingredient, Blue Scorpion Peptide, in all of its products.
MRVL is a brand that is focused on helping you create a lifestyle that focuses on the mind, body & spirit. A healthier new you utilizing one of the world’s oldest sciences, now advanced with modern science and reintroduced by MRVL and its revolutionary new skincare and health line.

Rick adopted a business philosophy of social responsibility & is the founder of Today’s Promises, a non-profit charity that aids impoverished children in the Caribbean. Please visit our web site at to learn how you can help!